#SupportSaturday July Winner: Rumble Kings

Leeeet’s Get Ready to Rummmmmble!!!! Soldiers Sell Their Violent Skills to the Highest Bidder in RUMBLE KINGS No Michael Buffer here, just a strong desire to right the ship and get some projects funded. This months project is Rumble Kings. I spotted this due to a robust effort to get the word out from Ryan… Continue reading #SupportSaturday July Winner: Rumble Kings

#SupportSaturday May Winner: Chimera’s Comics

#SupportSaturday Winner Chimera’s Comics: More than a store, it’s a community! Now I’ve been on Kickstarter for a minute (I had my first project funded in 2002 under an alias) and I’ve seen plenty of comic book and graphic novel projects looking for a way to fund the dream. What I haven’t seen is too… Continue reading #SupportSaturday May Winner: Chimera’s Comics

#SupportSaturday April Winner: CORONARY ep.1-3

Black Mirror Meets Romeo and Juliet in #SupportSaturday Winner CORONARY!! The Support Saturday project for April is a slick looking series from writer Ryan Burke. I acquainted myself with Ryan on Twitter as he was looking to extend his network of comic folk. I was excited to see that he had launched his Kickstarter to… Continue reading #SupportSaturday April Winner: CORONARY ep.1-3

#SupportSaturday BONUS March Winner: Clown Motel

Creepy clowns get backed by #SupportSaturday in horror film icons’ “Clown Motel” I discovered “Clown Motel” while looking for a project to back with the bonus winnings from the successful Houston Rockets 1st Half -5 and Los Angeles Lakers -4.5 parlay. Being a fan of horror films and the fact that this was a homegrown… Continue reading #SupportSaturday BONUS March Winner: Clown Motel

#SupportSaturday MARCH Winner: The North Star

History gets the comic book treatment as #SupportSaturday backs “The North Star: The Emancipation of Frederick Douglass” I’m a massive history buff as it helps inform what I do as a writer. I’ve found that diving deep into history helps breathe life into characters and gives me (and them for that matter) touchstones that will… Continue reading #SupportSaturday MARCH Winner: The North Star

#SupportSaturday FEBRUARY Winner: Xenoglyphs

#SupportSaturday continues to gain momentum as XENOGLYPHS: The Complete Series gets backed! So in searching for a project to back in February one just happened to walk right up. I met Omar at the Long Beach Comic Expo where I had a table with Horde Media and Scrimshaw. After we jaw-jacked about Scrimshaw for awhile… Continue reading #SupportSaturday FEBRUARY Winner: Xenoglyphs

#SupportSaturday BONUS JANUARY Winner: Neptune Radio

#SupportSaturday doubled-down on support in January; check out NEPTUNE RADIO! With Victoria Black #1 hitting jackpot with a winning #SupportSaturday ticket, as promised, I backed another project. Neptune Radio features a bounty hunter, a monkey sidekick, and a radio DJ in a post-pandemic alternate universe. Neptune Radio really catches your eye thanks to art work… Continue reading #SupportSaturday BONUS JANUARY Winner: Neptune Radio

#SupportSaturday JANUARY Winner: Victoria Black #1

#SupportSaturday is on a ROLL, doubling support for Victoria Black #1!! Bradley Golden is bringing us a new comic about renegade assassin Victoria Black! Loving Bradley’s approach on the genre, we wagered our kickstarter support on a 2 team parlay, and WON! Winning Ticket: Miami Heat +5 (W) & Portland Trailblazers -5.5 (W) Victoria Black… Continue reading #SupportSaturday JANUARY Winner: Victoria Black #1

#SupportSaturday DECEMBER Winner: Metal Legion #1

#SupportSaturday picks another winner, earning METAL LEGION extra support! Metal Legion #1 is a post apocalyptic action story about 2 teenagers fighting to survive in a dangerous world. The catch? The teenagers are cybernetically enhanced and must survive against hordes of human and machine adversaries! #SupportSaturday takes our pledge money for your kickstarter project and… Continue reading #SupportSaturday DECEMBER Winner: Metal Legion #1