Long Beach Comic Expo 2019 | Scrimshaw

Long Beach Comic Expo 2019 | Eric Borden

Scrimshaw unveils limited run series: Tears of the Sonoran Sea

The 2019 Convention Season is upon us and it begins in earnest with one of my favorite destinations, California. More specifically Long Beach and the annual installment of the Long Beach Comic Expo. The crew will be there including my riding partner, Mark Quist and we’ll have the latest issue of Scrimshaw in tow. Issue #7 in the series but marking a new #1 in a limited series run called Tears Of The Sonoran Sea. The convention dovetails nicely with the upcoming release of the 2nd TOTSS installment on March 6th from Alterna Comics

Scrimshaw: Tears of the Sonoran Sea|Eric BordenThe Expo was a blast, and the crew of the Runaway Horse continues to grow! Be sure to FOLLOW MY TWITTER for all the pics and updates!


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