Popping My Cherry at San Diego Comic Con 2019

San Diego Comic Con 2019-Eric Borden

Borden part of “Breaking Into Indie Comics” Panel at the famous San Diego Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con 2019 | Eric Borden

It was my pleasure to be in attendance at the 50th Anniversary of San Diego Comic Con this year. I know that SDCC is the mecca of comics so the idea that I hadn’t attended before this year somehow lived in another dimension. We can just go ahead and call it denial. I hear all the bros now, “Do you even comic book?” (are there comic bros?)

Honestly it doesn’t matter, this year I was able to attend and not only was I there skulking the halls in nerd heaven I was also invited to speak on a panel. My work on Scrimshaw was enough to get me invited to speak on the Alterna Comics: Breaking Into Indie Comics panel. Now you’ll have to forgive me on this one as I am a writer without words. Needless to say it was a surreal experience.

A Surreal Comic Con Experience

Imagine if you will,  speaking to what was the largest crowd you’ve ever spoken in front of about a subject you care very deeply about on a stage that you never really thought you’d sit on. Never mind I was up there with the West Coast Alterna crew consisting of a brace of very talented creator including Terry Mayo (Wicked Righteous) Steph Cannon (Heirs of Isildur) David Lucarelli (TInseltown) and the inimitable Ryan Wynn (Gods and Gears). So that’s it. I can die pretty happy as I’ve checked that bad boy off the list. If you want to listen in on what we had to say you can check out the video below:

And yes things are already in the works for next year. This go ‘round we’re bringing the books.