FEVER: Redemption through the Eyes of a Meth-Addicted Detective

Fever-Eric Borden

Introducing Eric Borden’s


A drug-addicted private eye takes a kidnapping case involving a politician’s child. He scours New Orleans aided by a wily Cajun and haunted by the ghost of his own dead daughter.

Out of his league and on the run, he must find the child before it’s too late.

Fever is the story of Shaker Freeman, a down-and-out ex-cop turned private eye. Shaker is addicted to methamphetamine and hallucinates about his daughter Lotty while he’s in the grips of the drug. Shaker’s addiction has his personal life in shambles. The tragedy that’s beset him, and the fact that when he’s high he can see his daughter, make it even harder for him to kick the drug that’s ruining his life. That doesn’t stop Dirty Mike, Shaker’s old duty sergeant from the New Orleans Police Department, from offering him a job. A little girl named Amelia has been kidnapped and a cryptic demand has been made, “No on 17.” Will Shaker take the job that can redeem him? Will he be able to save Amelia, kick his habit, and finally put Lotty to rest?

An Inside Look at FEVER

I wrote Fever back in 2011 while attending the UCLA Extension program. Up until that point I’d been writing short scripts for fun after discovering the NYC Midnight Screenplay Challenge in 2006. I’d received some pretty good feedback on the entries I’d submitted, and those had gone on to do well in other contests as well. I figured it was time to write a feature, and where better to test your mettle than Los Angeles? There are a slew of MFA programs at colleges all over the place, but that didn’t really offer a program for a writer in my situation. That’s when I discovered the UCLA Writers’ Program. Despite the fact that I live in Las Vegas, I enrolled anyway.

I spent a year traveling back and forth to LA to attend classes on my days off. While one might think that traveling week in and week out would be grueling, it was actually a blessing in disguise. I was forced to live for the story. The hours spent driving left me with plenty of time to think. I’d arrive in LA and immediately set to writing the script. Some of the very best lines and plot twists I came up with were thought of during those drives. It really helped Fever become the best script it could be.

I entered Fever into the storied UCLA Extension competition where it came in 3rd place and received a mention in the Hollywood Reporter. That launched a flurry of inquiries from a who’s who of Hollywood production companies and helped me gain some very valuable contacts. However it wasn’t until Justice Bowens discovered Fever on InkTip that things really took off.

Justice loved Fever and knew at first read that it would be perfect for Blanc-Biehn Productions. Blanc-Biehn is made up of Jennifer Blanc-Biehn (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Michael Biehn (Terminator, Aliens). Jennifer quickly tapped Brianne Davis (True Blood, Psychophonia) to direct and Brianne brought her producing partner Marc Gantt to work on developing Fever. It’s a talented and accomplished team that’s come together to take on Fever. As with any developing project, nothing is certain until it’s in the can. But with some luck Lotty and Shaker will live on celluloid and we’ll all be able to watch Fever sometime in the near future.

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FEVER Awards

3rd Place UCLA Extension Feature Film Writing Competition
Finalist – New York Screenplay Competition
Finalist – Emerging Screenwriters
Finalist – Writers Store Screenplay Replay
Finalist- Creative World Awards

Top 100 – Emerging Screenwriters
2nd Place Vegas Indie Film Fest
Finalist – Sacramento International Film Festival
Finalist – Writers Store Screenplay Replay
Amazon Studios Notable Projects

Finalist – Sun Valley Film Festival
Finalist – Charleston International Film Festival
1st Place- Beyond the Beaten Path Film Festival

Blanc Biehn Productions

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