A Sci-Fi Script Involving an Empty Warehouse and a Wheelchair??

WOODRUN: How a screenplay challenge turned into a short film

You won’t believe the inspiration behind this original Sci-Fi short…

Set for release in 2017, “Woodrun” is a coming of age short film about 4 young boys adventuring through wilderness, where they encounter a mystery that will change their lives forever. But before there was ever a “Woodrun”, there was a Screenplay Challenge that inspired the story that would become Woodrun.

What kind of story could you come up with if you had to write a Sci-Fi short that had to include an empty warehouse and a wheelchair?

That was my task for the 2013 Short Screenplay Challenge that spawned my script “Autumn In Aroostook” (AIA). The Short Screenplay Challenge is a little different as it assigns each group of writers a genre, location, and object that has to be incorporated into their original script. The page counts and time allotted diminish with each round, and the final two rounds provide 2 days for 5 pages. AIA is yet another product of the wonderful writing environment that the NYC Midnight family of contests provides.

AIA was my first round offering that year, and as such the 12 pages allowed me some room to stretch my legs. The prompts provided were:

  • Genre: Sci-Fi
  • Location: An Empty Warehouse
  • Object: A Wheelchair

A tall order to be sure as there’s all sorts of blandness to be had from an empty anything…unless that empty place is shrouded in mist, deep in the forests of Maine, and a group of young boys is pushing their wheelchair-bound friend through the mud towards a mystery encounter…

With that setup having successfully upped the stakes right out of the gate, I had only to call back on the experiences I had growing up with a group of rough-and-tumble kids, aptly named the Prescott Boys, to establish the dynamic that governed the characters.  I don’t want to give too much away as, at the time of this writing, the film Woodrun, which is inspired by the story of AIA, is in post-production. Re-imagined and directed by the up-and-coming Tyler W. Childs, Woodrun puts an edge on AIA that’s sure to make a fantastic adventure film. Be sure to come back and check out the finished film.

Woodrun on IMDB

Woodrun Awards

2nd Place – Northern Virginia Intl. Film Festival
Finalist – Houston Comedy Film Festival
Top 20- Bare Bones Film Festival
Finalist – SENE Film Festival
Finalist – Hill Country Film Festival
Finalist – Columbia Gorge Film Festival