halloween movie list

This is Your Definitive Halloween Movie Viewing Guide!

Ahhh yes! The spookiest month of the year is upon us. I don’t know about you but the month of October is my favorite of the entire year. The air gets crisp and we’re staring down the barrel of the holiday season, which for me begins with Halloween. Every year around this time I’ve get the itch to go on a horror movie marathon and every year I fail to do so. Mostly I chalk it up to being too busy, too exhausted from work, or just plain having other things to do (See: writing).

But this year has forced almost all us into a slowdown and since the onus is on staying home I plan on taking full advantage. So it seems in 2020 I will finally get to check off that bucket list item and embark on the journey that is 30 Flicks till Halloween.

Creating the Ultimate Halloween Movie List

Now since I’ve been on the moviegoing sidelines for the past couple years. (except for a steady consumption of all ages fare…my son is 8) and due to the fact I have been a massive fan of horror films since I was loosely around his age, I wanted to approach this somewhat seriously.

Lest you be reading a list of zombie films from the last thirty years I had to ask myself what parameters I should use to choose the inaugural list. I started by establishing some categories within the genre and they are as follows:

  • Zombie (Z)
  • Vampire (V)
  • Werewolf (W)
  • Slasher (SLA)
  • Splatter (SPL)
  • Western (W)…and of course…
  • Clown (CL). Because clowns are fucking weird and sad and funny and scary as hell.

I snuck in an extra clown film early to whet my appetite. If you haven’t watched Circus of the Dead do yourself a favor. Drink six beers and spend an hour+ watching Bill Oberst Jr. 

Now as I was combing lists of horror films I found myself growing nostalgic so I added a couple of films I haven’t seen in quite some time (Silver Bullet and From Dusk til Dawn: Texas Blood Money) But mostly I kept a keen eye on making sure I picked  films I hadn’t seen before.

I found a couple films from Rob Zombies body of work that I’d missed as well as entries from a few franchises that I want to catch up on (Wrong Turn, 30 Days of Night). You may find some of the films overlap categories but since I’m using an arbitrary and otherwise unscientific way to select these films I figured that would be alright.  Also to make it easy for you to watch some of these bad boys, I added where these films could be found at present and included the associated cost.

Without further adieu here is 2020’s 30 Flicks Till Halloween List.

30 Flicks till Halloween

  1. Clown Motel                            (2019)              (CL)      Free on Prime/Tubi
  2. Terrifier                                    (2017)              (CL)      Free on Netflix
  3. 31                                            (2016)             (CL)       Free on Prime/Tubi
  4. Clown                                      (2014)             (CL)       Free on Prime – 3.99 VUDU
  5. From Dusk Till Dawn 2: TBM  (1999)              (V)        2.99 Prime/Google Play
  6. 30 Days of Night: Dark Days   (2010)             (V)         2.99 Prime Free Plex/Crackle
  7. Kiss of the Damned                 (2012)             (V)         2.99 GooglePlay/Fandango
  8. Vampire in Vegas                    (2002)              (V)         Free Prime/Roku
  9. Bone Tomahawk                      (2015)             (W)        Free Prime – 2.99 Fandango
  10. The Wind                                 (2018)             (W)        Showtime – 2.99 Prime
  11. Ghost Brigade                         (1993)             (W)         Free  Tubi
  12. The Dead and the Damned     (2010)             (W)        Free Tubi – 1.99 GooglePlay
  13. Machete Kills                           (2013)             (SP)       3.99 Prime/Fandango
  14. The Green Inferno                   (2013)             (SP)       Free Netflix – 3.99 Prime
  15. Tokyo Gore Police                   (2008)             (SP)       2.00 Vudu
  16. Samurai Princess                    (2009)             (SP)       Subscribe Hi-Yah!/Free Trial
  17. Silver Bullet                             (1985)             (WW)     2.99 Prime/Fandango
  18. Project MetalBeast                  (1995)             (WW)     Free Prime – 1.99 Fandango
  19. Dog Soldiers                            (2002)             (WW)     Free Prime
  20. WolfCop                                   (2014)             (WW)     Free Tubi
  21. Seoul Station                           (2016)             (Z)          Free Roku/Vudu – 2.99 Prime
  22. Rec                                          (2007)             (Z)          2.99 Prime/Fandango
  23. It Stains The Sands Red          (2017)            (Z)           2.99  Prime
  24. Cockneys vs. Zombies             (2012)            (Z)           Free Prime
  25. The Lodger                              (1927)             (SLA)      5.99 Prime
  26. Candyman                               (1992)             (SLA)      Free Netflix – 3.99 Prime
  27. Scalps                                      (1983)             (SLA)      Free Plex
  28. Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort      (2014)             (SLA)       3.99 Prime/GooglePlay
  29. 3 From Hell                             (2019)                              5.99 Prime/Fandango
  30. Trick r’ Treat                           (2007)                               2.99 Prime/Vudu/Apple