12 Full Moons: The One That Got Me Back to Writing

Born from a Screenplay Challenge, 12 Full Moons reminded me that I am a story teller…


Back in 2007 I was working in the nightclub business and the majority of my time was consumed by fruitless pursuits and a general affection for hooliganism.  On a night that undoubtedly many little green torpedoes had been drained, I was knocking around the web and spied a contest that piqued my interest, the NYC Midnight Screenplay Challenge.

The Screenplay Challenge brought a unique twist: The writers are assigned to a heat and then each group is given a randomly selected Genre and Subject with which you’re expected to craft an original script of less than 15 pages, in one week.

The contest appealed to me on a couple of levels. First it was exactly what it ascribed itself to be, a challenge. At that time I hadn’t been challenging myself at all, unless it was to see how much beer I could consume. Second it was encapsulated. The first round lasted just one week so there would be no time for endless editing. Nor would there be any time for second-guessing myself.

I was in the midst of a long layoff as I hadn’t written anything in four years and the mood was right for defeat. Still I ponied up the cash and entered the contest. In the first round I was given “Drama and Studying” and what emerged was Twelve Full Moons.  It’s the story of a young Hasidic boy who on the eve of his departure from New York to Israel to attend school learns valuable lessons about love, faith, and duty.

12 Full Moons garnered enough attention and praise to encourage me to continue writing, including other forays into the NYC Midnight Screenplay Challenge (read about Autumn In Aroostook here). It was even a featured reading at the 2014 deadCenter Film Festival (hear the reading on YouTube, 12 Full Moons begins at the 1:45 mark and is about 10 mins long). 12 Full Moons continues to be featured and compete at various film festival and screenplay competitions in the hopes of being optioned into a short film.

12 Full Moons Awards

Top 10 – British Short Screenplay Competition

Finalist – Sacramento Film Festival

Finalist – deadCenter Film Festival

Finalist – Columbia Gorge Film Festival
Finalist – Manhattan Short Film Festival
Finalist – Northern Virginia Intl. Film Festival