The Blade Show Saga-Part I

I think when you want to begin making a comic you want to create something epic. Now I don’t mean it has to win an Eisner or even be well received (most makers of comics toil in relative obscurity).

I mean you want to take a thing that dwells in your head and deliver it unto the world in a format that can be distributed for all to read. A concrete representation of the story that lives in your gray matter and just won’t go away.

It all starts with a question:

What kind of story do I want to tell?

That’s how Scrimshaw started for me. It began as a flicker brought about by a writing contest from which Hans, Saigo and the Kabuki Kowboy sprang. A further conversation with a good friend of mine sparked the idea that brought the rest of the crew together.

From there we embarked on a journey that has brought us through 10 issues and the subsequent 3 collected volumes of high seas adventure that is Scrimshaw. 

We wanted to tell a story of adventure and family and action. We have done that and we will continue to do that as we begin a new arc with Volume 4.

We built a world with meat-on-the bone and of course we wanted to make some cool stuff to go along with all of that…which brings us to now. Because now is when we embark on a journey of a different kind.

This adventure starts with a new question:

What happens when a crew of indie comics guys have their fantasy comic book blades made real by some of the top names in the knife industry and take them to the biggest knife show in the world?

Sounds ludicrous right? Well it is, and we’re doing it. You can check out the first step and see the first blade right here:

Saigo Blade Kickstarter Campaign

We don’t know whether we’re destined for something cool and epic or something that leaves us being scoffed at by two entire industries. But we’re doing it anyway because that’s where the juice lives. You can follow along and even help out if you like. As always…

…thanks for reading.