Support Saturday


Sometimes you have to back the projects you want to see in the world and Peter Simeti’s, “The Chair”, a graphic novel-turned-movie is one of those projects. I spotted “The Chair’s” Kickstarter campaign on Twitter and since it was right in The Horde’s wheelhouse, my partners and I wanted to throw our support their way. We initially backed “The Chair” at a pretty decent level because who doesn’t want to get their hands on some badass Simeti commission art? We were very pleased with that, but then another idea took hold. What if we added a wrinkle that might allow us to support “The Chair” even more? The wrinkle would come in the form of something that’s quintessential Las Vegas, the gamble.

The Chair KS banner

Fancy a wager?

I decided to place a small wager on a select game and if that team won, so did “The Chair”. I took to Twitter to let Mr. Simeti know that if the Los Angeles Dodgers won, we’d increase our initial pledge. Peter sent us the cool Warden Kickstarter banner you see here and we were all pulling for the Dodgers. The boys in blue went Hollywood, got the W, and that allowed us to triple our initial pledge. Just like that #SupportSaturday was born. The Dodger win-increased pledge also allowed us to land a treasure trove of Simeti commission art. He ended up inking some sick one-of-a-kinds of the Scrimshaw characters which we gave away when we were doing our own crowdfund for our comic book.

At any rate, Scrimshaw went on to be distributed by Alterna Comics and Horde Media went about becoming a legitimate business. Since our business manager frowns on gambling losses showing up on the balance sheet, we did just one more Support Saturday for Eric Bitmanis’ project “Hard Wyred” (unfortunately San Francisco couldn’t get the W for HW). But since legitimacy is no excuse and because the idea was fun which lets us support cool people doing cool things, I’m bringing Support Saturday back.

Here are the rules:

  1. Email your Kickstarter link to by the third Thursday of the month.
  2. I will select a project to back. (min. $100)
  3. On the 3rd Saturday of the month, I will place a 2-team parlay equal to the backing amount.
  4. We pull for those teams to win.
  5. IF the bet wins, YOUR project wins. I will double the initial pledge.
  6. A win also means a 2ND PROJECT WINS, as I will back a second project with any funds in excess of double the original backing amount.

And that’s it, two winners equal two winners and some cool stuff getting made. Plus it gives me an excuse to get to the sports book and hang out with unsavory characters. Submit your project today.