#SupportSaturday June Winner: HOT LUNCH

#SupportSaturday-Eric Borden

HOT LUNCH Combines Master Chef with Master Thief in This All Ages Manga Graphic Novel

I’m coming off back-to-back losses for the first time this year. So I’m looking to climb back into the winners circle in a big way. I’ve been in heavy rotation on Kickstarter as this month we’re running our campaign for Scrimshaw Vol. 2. When Support Saturday rolled around it gave me an opportunity to take a break from neurotically refreshing the project page and that’s when I found Hot Lunch Volume 1.

Now I have a six year old son so naturally I watch more than my fair share of Disney flicks and a varied assortment of other animated series. When I spotted Hot Lunch it reminded me a little of Zootopia which was an amazing film. The concept being a chef turned master thief hit home with me as my day gig is just a stone’s throw from the BOH as a restaurant manager, a rather mundane pursuit. So I often dream of stripping off the tie and joining a motorcycle gang or band of international jewel thieves rather than apologizing for overdone steaks. It just seems more adventurous.HotLunchClip

So I backed Hot Lunch and then scanned the pages of Vegasinsider.com for a way to rebound…BIGTIME.

The Wager

The first pick emerged right off the bat, the Miami Marlins (+145). Now, Miami isn’t a great team at all. They’re in the beginning of a rebuild after jettisoning nearly every piece of talent they had. Stanton, Yelich, Dee Gordon all gone. So for all intents and purposes the Marlins are a long way from home. But here’s the rub, they’re playing the Baltimore Orioles, a team that is in complete disarray. They don’t lack talent, they’re just not clicking and that’s what you look for when you want to make some money. The Marlins took control in the 1st and rode out later innings for a 5-4 win.

My second choice was a little tighter as I selected the Boston Red Sox (-110) on the road against the Seattle Mariners. Now Seattle has had some personnel challenges this season and Boston has been putting up runs so I was hoping that might continue. But the one thing I did not expect was the Sox to get shutout. Wade LeBlanc blanked the Bosox on the way to a one run victory. So my hopes of 4 to 1 on my hundred and massive backing dollars for Hot Lunch and another project evaporated.

So two months in a row now the dogs are hitting and the marginal favorites can’t get it done. That brings the overall bet record to 8-6 with a Support Saturday record of 2 -5.  Which is a near professional single game record and a near abysmal Support Saturday Record. But it’s back on the horse in July. See you next month.

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