#SupportSaturday BONUS JANUARY Winner: Neptune Radio

#SupportSaturday doubled-down on support in January; check out NEPTUNE RADIO!NeptuneRadioPage

With Victoria Black #1 hitting jackpot with a winning #SupportSaturday ticket, as promised, I backed another project. Neptune Radio features a bounty hunter, a monkey sidekick, and a radio DJ in a post-pandemic alternate universe.

Neptune Radio really catches your eye thanks to art work by the Inkwell nominated artist of Deadpool, Justice League: Darkseid War, and Star Wars: KOTOR!

Check out Sky Ark Comics’ NEPTUNE RADIO today!


#SupportSaturday can help you too!

Want to get in on some #SupportSaturday for your project??

Here are the rules:

  1. Email your Kickstarter link to supportsaturday@horde.media by the third Thursday of the month.
  2. I will select a project to back. (min. $100)
  3. On the 3rd Saturday of the month, I will place a 2-team parlay equal to the backing amount.
  4. We pull for those teams to win.
  5. IF the bet wins, YOUR project wins. I will double the initial pledge.
  6. A win also means a 2ND PROJECT WINS, as I will back a second project with any funds in excess of double the original backing amount.

And that’s it, two winners equal two winners and some cool stuff getting made. Plus it gives me an excuse to get to the sports book and hang out with unsavory characters. Submit your project today.