Blade Show Saga – Saigo Blade
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Blade Show Saga – Saigo Blade

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Today we set out on another journey. This journey was born out of a dinner conversation with our friend, Stephen Stern (Zen Intergalactic Ninja) .  I was lucky enough to meet Steve when we sat on a panel together at Fantasia Comic Con in Indio, CA. Steve is a pretty awesome guy and he’s got a few years in the game so when he came to Las Vegas (where most of the Scrimshaw team resided at the time) we invited him to dinner at Joe’s Stone Crab. Steve was well-familiar with our knife game at this point and he suggested that we take our comic *(and knives of course) to a knife convention. The team thought this was a great idea and it goes without saying that something like this has NEVER been done in the world of indie comics.


Etching Video

Blade Shave


You can check out the knife and the Make 100 Kickstarter campaign here.