Lead City #2 Kickstarter
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Lead City #2 Kickstarter

About This Project

First Shot, First Blood


Issue #2 puts the SPLATTER in splatter Western when the action takes off in Issue #2 of Lead City.


The sun rises on a new day in Lead City. As Colman prepares himself to take part in the competition, Pearl awakens from her feverish slumber. No stranger to her husbands impetuous ways Pearl realizes that Colman has found his way into trouble. She urges him to remove himself but Colman soon realizes there’s no way out. Colman sends his son Isaiah up to give his wife a simple message: He’s sorry.  Then Colman and the other contestants begin their walk up the hill to the awaiting showdown in Lead City.


The rules are explained. The participants take their places. The first shot is fired and Lead City claims new victims in Issue #2.


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