Scrimshaw – Vol. 1
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Scrimshaw – Vol. 1

About This Project

Cyborgs, Pirates, Cutthroats & Mercs and they’re the good guys – Issues 1-3


Scrimshaw is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi adventure that takes place two generations after the melt of the polar ice caps. The dust has settled after the wars over the remaining resources after which Japan rises as a world power and they rally under the edict that Science Shall Be Our Salvation. The story follows the crew of the Runaway Horse a whaling ship that hunts the giant leviathans that roam the waters of the world and have turned the ocean into one big fish farm. The crew hails from all over the Pacific places like Japan, New Zealand, American Samoa and Mexico. Issue #1` takes off when Captain Hans Tanaka steals a genetically modified octopus from the Tanto corporation. Tanto sends Mr. Song their head of security to retrieve the octopus and the adventure begins. Written by myself with Dave Mims on art and Spike O’Laochdha on letters Scrimshaw promises to be a swordplay and science high adventure series with plenty to offer. You can check out the story and how we funded our first issue over on Kickstarter.